About Anna Giakoumaki

Anna Giakoumaki was born in Heraklion, Crete in 1982. She comes from the village of Ekso Mouliana in the region of Sitia, and grew up in Agios Nikolaos.

Anna Giakoumaki is a best-selling Greek author & publisher. After completing her best-selling nonfiction book «Spinalonga – the True Story. Document», which was translated into English and Russian, she also produced «The Secret of Happiness» & «Manual for The Greek System. A simple system to predict earthquakes =/> 6R». New, expanded editions of these books have now been released, while her other works are being translated. Anna is currently working on her fourth book.


Older editions in print form:

  • “Σπιναλόγκα. Η αληθινή ιστορία. Ντοκουμέντο”. Greek Edition, Opsidianos Publications (2012)
  • “Spinalonga. The true Story. Document”. English Edition, Opsidianos Publications (2012)
  • “Спиналога. Документальная историа из жизни”. Russian Edition, Opsidianos Publications (2012)
  • “Το Μυστικό της Ευτυχίας ”. Greek Edition, Opsidianos Publications (2014)

“Σπιναλόγκα. Η αληθινή ιστορία. Ντοκουμέντο” .

Greek Edition, Anna Giakoumaki (October 2017).

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“Spinalonga. The true Story”.

English Edition, Anna Giakoumaki (October 2017).

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“Το Μυστικό της Ευτυχίας”.

Greek Edition, Anna Giakoumaki (October 2017).

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“Manual for The Greek System.

English Edition, Anna Giakoumaki (June 2018).

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New editions in paperback form:

  • “Spinalonga. The true Story”. English Edition, Anna Giakoumaki (Coming soon – August 2018). Amazon Kindle.